The Complete Off-Site Solution

"Starbrook Modular is disrupting the construction industry through innovative processes and advancements in off-site manufacturing resulting in projects completed with environmental sensitivity, at a higher level of quality, in significantly less time, and therefore, typically resulting in overall cost savings." - Brad Oldenbrook, CEO

Our Mission is to revolutionize the commercial and residential construction industries through our Component Construction™ technological advancement. The process improves efficiency, increases quality, and reduces costs vs the traditional site-built construction process.

Differentiators Of Starbrook Modular

Component Construction™ process increases efficiency and minimizing risk for clients.

Starbrook’s team are construction professionals disrupting the construction industry.

We are committed to offer off-site solutions to large and small commercial and residential projects.

Commercial Projects

Residential Projects

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Wall Panel Projects

Advantages of Starbrook

Right time – Starbrook Modular has launched at a time when the construction industry is finally converging with current technology, due to the high cost and inefficiency of site-built projects. We are solving the problems associated with archaic construction means and methods by completing 75% of the construction process in a temperature controlled, efficient production facility. Off-site solutions are the answer to our affordable housing crisis in every metropolitan area of the US.
Right Place – We are the first modular production facility in Reno, Nevada, providing wall panels and modular solutions. We are centrally located to minimize shipping costs and service projects across all metropolitan and remote areas of the Western United States.
Right Solution – Component Construction™ promotes standardization and efficiency in the building process creating the most efficient way to construct new projects. We provide efficiency to the construction process, and also to the design development process by offering library of projects based on the same core components, instead of creating a new project every time.


Tell us about your project ideas or just say hello. Whether you’ve got a big idea or need some inspiration with a building project, we are here to service developers, home builders and local contractors in our service areas. From concept to creation, let us inspire you to help save the environment and produce your next project by embracing all the benefits of off-site construction.


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